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Why ?

There can be no greater legacy than to offer the hope of a harmonious, naturally clean, pure and abundant world for an intelligent, truly developed, civilized, peaceful and evolved humanity to continue living indefinitely on this earth. The ethical design science application that is Permaculture is possible and can easily be our new reality. Geoff Lawton

It’s absolus hyprocrisie to be a conservationnist and not have a food garden or to be connected with one locally. Geoff Lawton

We should have farms integrated into our communities in perpetuity—that’s sustainability. That’s keeping people connected to place, to food, to land, and each other. It’s just a good idea. Daron “Farmer D” Joffe

By loving and leaving all that oil has done for us, and that the Oil Age has done for us, we are able to then begin the creation of a world which is more resilient, more nourishing, and in which, we find ourselves fitter, more skilled and more connected to each other. Rob Hopkins


We all know the motto, “act local, think global”. This website is just a tool to aggregate and share various sources, thoughts and data, that we believe can be of any use here in this neighborhood of Savoie, below Nivolet cliffs.


Le Nivolet, Bauges, Alpes, France


And if you are still wondering about causes of climatic change, this animation was made for you in 2015 :